Teaser Thursday #3: September

Teaser Thursday 4

It's time for Teaser Thursday! This feature showcases the books being released in the coming month that I'm really excited about.

Today you'll get a teaser, or two if I'm feeling generous, from books on my TBR that's being released in September. Since these are actual excerpts from the books


Here we go, first up: Unchained. I've read so many books by Armentrout it's not even funny, she's actually sharing first place on my "Most read authors"-list. She's awesome and I'm soooo excited for this one!

Konstgjort Break
Title: Unchained
Series: Nephilim Rising 1
Author: J. Lynn (Pseudonym for Jennifer L. Armentrout)
Release date: 17 September 2013


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Konstgjort Break

She flicked a fry into her mouth and then froze. The feeling snaking down her spine was undeniable. He came so close, so fast, that she knew it was him.

            “Damn it,” she muttered.  Solitude and the actual ability to eat her food in peace couldn’t even be gained on a damn clock tower without interruption.

            Ignoring him would be pointless endeavor. The sensation grew as Lily peered onto the observation deck below, and like every time before, the mere sight of him stole her ability to form an intelligent thought. Having a name Lily couldn’t even begin to pronounce or spell, she’d always known him as Julian.

            And when he wasn’t around, she knew him as the pain in her ass.

             “Hello, my Lily.”

            She closed her eyes. Damn his voice to Hell and back. The sound, the deep timbre of the way he’d said her name, crawled all the way down to the pit of her stomach, where it started to smolder.

            Lily pried one eye open.

            Julian’s lips formed a smile. A full bottom lip and a thinner one on top curved in a way that was downright sinful.  Those lips whispered promised pleasures, and they also carried an intensely real threat.

            She needed to remember that.

            Her wry gaze flickered over his face, and she bit back a sigh. She knew he was bad. Oh, he was so bad that half the demons feared him. And the other half? They wanted to be him. That knowledge did nothing to dampen her appreciation of his beauty. Male or female—both were in awe of Julian.

            After all, Julian had been an angel.

            Tonight, he wore black trousers and a buttoned down white shirt. He must have grown bored with the buttons, though. Only half of them were done, and hard, pale flesh peeked through.

            She found an ounce of common sense along with her voice. “What do you want?”

            His smile widened. “Isn’t that a loaded question?”

            She rolled her eyes, taking a bite of her burger. “I’m on lunch break. So if you expect me to chase you off, you’re mistaken.”

            Julian inched closer, the soft breeze tugging at his shoulder length blond hair. “What kind of Nephilim doesn’t chase a fallen angel?”

            “A hungry one,” she retorted.


Last but, certainly not, least: Breaking Nova.

Konstgjort Break
Title: Breaking Nova
Series: Nova 1
Author: Jessica Sorensen
Release date: 3 September 2013


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Konstgjort Break

“Quinton,” she whispers as a few stray tears escape her eyes. “Can you do something for me?”
The heart-wrenching sadness in her voice makes me want to do anything for her at the moment, if it’ll get her to smile again. “Sure. What?”
“Will you…” she sucks her lip up into her teeth as more tears stream down her cheeks. “Will you kiss me?”
That wasn’t what I was expecting her to say at all. My mind starts racing, flooded with disturbing thoughts. “I don’t think that’s a good idea… not like this.” Not ever.
Tears cascade out of her eyes as she nods and release her lip from her teeth. “Okay.”
My heart is thumping and each of her sobs triggers it to thud faster. I bring my hand forward and wipe some of her tears off her cheek with my thumb. “It’s not that I don’t want to.” It’s a partial lie because I do and I don’t at the same time. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea considering we’re both a little out of it.”
She nods again and doesn’t say a word, her eyelashes fluttering against the tears as she struggles to get them to stop. The look on her face is rupturing my heart and as she rolls over, to look away from me, my willpower fractures. I grab onto her arm and without saying a word, I draw her back to me. I can feel my own tears forcing their way up into my eyes as I realize that I’m going to kiss her and it’s going to actually mean something, not just to Nova but to me.

Grappling to breathe, I secure a finger underneath her chin, tip her face up, and press my lips to hers. She sucks in a sharp, stammering breath, kissing me back like she’s been trapping her breath for ages and suddenly I’m supplying her with oxygen. I know I should pull back, but it’s been a long time since the emptiness inside me hasn’t been so hollow and I find myself slipping my tongue into her mouth and kissing her back with way too much passion behind the kiss.

Things only get more intense when she traces her hand up the nape of my neck, then runs her fingers through my hair, drawing me closer and the voice that’s haunted my head—the one telling me to stop— abruptly shuts up. I roll to my side, positioning my body over hers, lining us together, as I explore her mouth with my tongue. A few tears drip from my eyes and fall onto her cheeks, which are soaked with her own tears. She keeps gasping, pulling me closer, pressing her body against mine, like she needs me near her or she’ll die. Her legs circle my waist and the dress she’s wearing slips up and her bare legs graze the outside of my jeans. My hands start to wander downward, toward the bottom of her dress, wanting to feel the softness of her skin. But when I reach the bottom of the fabric, I can’t seem to go through with it and at the same time her hands leave my hair. Just as quickly as it started, we stop it. Together. Both of us pulling away, panting, our eyes glossy with tears and regret as we roll onto our backs.

She cries soundlessly, with her arm draped over her head, and her chest wrenching as she cries. But I stop crying, staring at the cracks in the ceiling, letting myself die all over again.

Letting the hollowness take back over.

Iiiiek! Aren't these awesome?! Any particular books you're looking forward being released in September?


  1. Hm, Armentrout verkar finnas överallt just nu ;) Får nog läsa något av henne!

    SV: Ah, vad skönt att jag inte är ensam.

  2. Det låter som en bra plan. Hon är helt fantastiskt!


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