The Big Move

I will slowly be moving my blog at to this new blog at Wordpress. I LOVED Hemsida24's website platform compared to Blogger, which I've always used before, but now after a month and a half I've realized there are things that H24 really lacks. Like scheduling posts. It's an awesome place to build a website and e-store containing a blog, not so much for having a blog that contains other pages. For a few weeks I will be cross-posting all my post, until September 8th if everything goes according to plan.

So today I've been going back and forth between WP themes for hours trying to figure out how you can and can't customize them and I've liked so many of them! Every one of them had something I really appreciated about them and had something that another theme lacked. At the end of the day I had to decide which features was a "want" and which was a "need" and go with a theme that had all my "needs". This is it! Looks kind of great to me. I will create a new header as soon as I have the time as well as put some finishing touches on the place.

I hope the move doesn't bother you to much and I'll try o make the transition as smooth as possible!

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