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Title: Clemetine
Author: R. Jean Wilson
Publisher: R. Jean Wilson
Release Date: July 27th, 2013
Tour Host: Irrisistible Tour Host

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Addison Caldwell has her future laid out before her. She has good friends, applications in the mail for PA school, and sweaty yoga to take the edge off of her lack of love life. Just when she finds herself right where she wants to be, Addison stumbles on a familiar stranger standing before her at a coffee shop. He’s beautiful and brilliant. She’s immediately drawn to him and can’t put her finger on how she could possibly have met him before. She finds herself tumbling head first toward a man that she knows is in a league composed solely of him and a bevy of Victoria Secret Supermodels.

I received a review copy of this book when it was first released (Find my 5 star review here) and let me tell you, R. Jean is so incredibly sweet! I am so happy to have her do this guest post for us.

Guest Post:
I was inspired to have my story take place in a hospital setting because that's what I know. I applied to PA school and volunteered at a hospital, just like Addison. My brother is a doctor and my sister works in hospital administration so it just felt like a story I needed to write. I grew up watching George Clooney on ER (even though people think my book is more comparable to Grey's Anatomy!) and the life of a surgeon intrigues me. There are so many shows that pertain to the medical field, I think it's a sought after subject in our society. (I mean, you can't go wrong with a cute doctor!)

I kept this book very close to home, and it some ways I played it safe that way. As my debut novel I wanted it to be a simple, realistic love story with a little twist. All of the dates that Addison went on I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand (yes, jumping off a bridge on a first date was really scary!) This book was a personal journey for me to write and it's been such a pleasure sharing it with readers.

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r jean

About R. Jean Wilson
I graduated from the University of Texas where I studied everything from Microbiology to Architecture & Society... So, yeah, I ended up with a lot of extra credits.

My favorite quote is: Eat Cake for Breakfast.
I love taking my black lab Ollie to the hiking trail, exploring Austin, baking gluten free treats, & reading

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