Picking up a package!

Okay, so here's the deal, I never win anything. Ever. The general consesus is that everyone wins something whenever they're at Liseberg (Swedens largest amusement park), everyone but me that is. I just don't have any luck in any sort of game or gamble or anything that requires luck basically. Until this week that is!


I won I Love YA Fiction's giveaway for a complete set of Tammara Webber's Between the Lines series. Not only that, but I won a complete SIGNED set. My first reaction when I got the "You've won"-email was "Is this a joke?!" I'm still not sure if I believe it but I can't think about it without being all giddy and getting the biggest and most ridiculous smile on my face. But just look at what I picked up at the postal office two days ago, I can't doubt my returning luck any longer!

IMG_5854 redIMG_5865 red 1

They're all signed with a different color pen. They're so gorgeous and I'm a very happy woman!

I also got a sweet note attached to the package and a signed quote from Easy.

IMG_5858 red 1


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