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I was browsing though some commenters blog's when I found an awesome life long bookish goal. Most book related challenges are over the course of a few months or maybe a year. This one is over a life time! That's what, another 60 or 70 years for me if all goes well. This is the One Million Pages challenge!

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The idea is to make it through a million page before you're buried. So far I've read 129 752 pages. That's more than a tenth of the way (!!) in just the last 2 or 2.5 years (I can't remember when I really started reading or what I read before that so the majority of the pre-2011-something books aren't included).

A prediction of when this might be finished is hard to say. At one point I read 50 000 pages in six months, at that pace I'll be done in 10 years. If I keep my 130 000 pages in 2 years pace I'll be done in 15. Might as well get going now!

10 or 15 years is a seriously long time and I realize I'm probably not even blogging by that time but you got to have goals if you ever want to go anywhere. And what better than a goal that'll ensure that I keep reading?!

I'm going to start a monthly wrap-up that'll include my One Million Pages progress as well as the progress of the Birthday through Birthday Challenge when that get started.

Want to join me in this challenge? Just write down how many pages you've read so far. Goodreads is invaluable in this, if you click My Books » Stats you can see how many pages you've read each year since you joined the site!

You don't have to finish a book for it to count, just jot down the number of pages you did read and add them to the total. You don't have to keep a record as extensive as mine either, the weekly, monthly or yearly page counts will do just fine. Wouldn't it be such a huge thing to someday get to say "I've read one million pages"?


  1. 14000, I am sure I have read more than this in my life, it does not seem like very many. :(

  2. Some of the books on GR doesn't show the number of pages in the book, this is mostly for self-published eBooks. And are you sure you've added ALL the books you've read? :P

  3. And they're listed by year, don't forget to check all years and add them up :)

  4. no, because it doesnt count the ones, I have just rated rather than read and put date on, :(


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