Emotionally incapable of writing reviews

During the last week I've read two books that have left me completely speechless and emotionally drained, for completely different reasons.

I was gushing all over Mine by Katy Evans and it completely turned me into a puddle of mush. A love-sick, giddy puddle of mush. How can I possibly write a review in that state of mind? All that review would say is I love it I love it I LOVE it. I couldn't have formed a rational thought even if I tried.

To those of you who say "Just wait a couple of hours or a day or two before you review it" Yeah, my head don't work like that because 1. Even a few hours later all I see when trying to remember what the book was about or what I thought of it is that puddle of mush. 2. Give it a day or two  and all I remember of the book, doesn't matter how life changing and earth shattering it might be, is whether or not I loved it and how high on the "I heart" scale it placed. Maybe a major event or two if I'm lucky, but no character names, not the general plot, no nothing.

And just now I finished Ruin by Rachel van Dyken and my twitter feed pretty much sums up my feelings.




That book broke me. I cried so much and everything just hurt. Cancer sucks. I've read and loved Rachel van Dyken's books before but after Ruin I appreciate her on a whole different level. There are some beautiful quotes between those covers and if I'd have had the physical book and not the kindle edition I'd have dogeared the hell out of it. It emotionally drained me to the point where I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry for hours.That book shattered me within the first three pages and broke my heart over and over again during the rest before it sorta pieced it back together. How could I possibly ever do a book like that justice? How could I ever put in print what that did to me? How much it meant to me?

When I started this blog I put in my Review Policy that I'd review ever single book I read from that point on, because that was a goal I set for myself, but I've had to edit that out because I just can't. I am physically and emotionally incapable of writing reviews of books that leaves me so emotionally overwhelmed. Be it that I cried my heart out throughout the entire thing, or that I was so giddy and excited that people around me feared for my sanity, or that I was so angry I wanted to go berserk and trash my apartment. I don't think I know how to handle and process that kind of emotional overflow, least of all put it into a coherent review.

Am I the only one who feels like this? Do you ever feel incapable of reviewing certain books that have left you drained or just feeling over the top with all kinds of emotions raging? Do you even ever feel that way (or it just me) and how do you handle it? Because I'm pretty sure I don't which I guess isn't all that good for me. 



  1. We're Jumpin' BooksNovember 10, 2013 at 4:43 PM

    Oh, I love books who bring you to your knees. However, I probably would have been an emotional wreck reading this book due to watching my grandmother suffer through cancer.
    On another note, it sounds like a book you can not put down. I hope you can get a review up soon, would love to read your thoughts, one of course your emotions settle down, and you no longer have enough tissues :)

  2. Me too, it all went to fast when my grandma went. It took two moths from the diagnosis until she passed and it royally sucked.

    It is, it took me all of 2,5 hours to finish and I couldn't have put it down even if I'd have wanted to. Thanks, I'll really try to get to it when I know what's up and what's down again :)

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