Stacking the Shelves #12: Week 46

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Ruin left me so emotionally drained and overwhelmed I felt I couldn't do it justice in a review, I've felt that a lot lately, although I'm trying and I'm currently working on it. Slowly it comes together and almost makes sense.


I am still suffering the aftermath of my "request everything I have ever wanted to read"-spree on my library's website because everything is coming in faster than I can read them and library books are highly time sensitive! So right now I'm reading more library books than anything else and Delirium is adding to the pile. I'm not sure about this book but it's one of those "It's hyped so it has to be good, right?"-books.

For Review:



I'm not a big fan of zombies, mostly because I have NEVER read a zombie book but I just can't see myself liking them. But The World Without a Future sounds so good I just couldn't say no!

As you can see there's two Rachel Van Dyken books on here, why you ask? Because she's AWESOME! I devoured Ruin as soon as I got it and then I decided it had been long enough since I requested anything on NetGalley. And I was in heaven when I found Elect. I LOVED Elite, the first book, and have already read this one too. Took me all of two hours in the evening and three hours the next morning, the only reason it wasn't an all nighter was because I literally couldn't keep my eyes open. The review will be up closer to the release date.


  1. I liked Delirium but I'm not racing to finish the series. I've had the last book Requiem for ages waiting on my shelf. I hope you enjoy your books :-)

  2. SV: Tack för tipset fast det var inte många som hade något datum ;)

  3. I love zombie books if they are written well. The World Without A Future looks awesome. I like the cover. You got some very spicy reads as well. Enjoy them.


  4. I bought Ruin a long time ago, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I heard it was emotionally exhausting and I just haven't been in the mood for that type of read lately. I really did enjoy the Delirium series. I hope you do, too.

    Happy reading!

    My StS.

  5. I hope you enjoy Delirium! I still need to get around to reading it!

    Enjoy your new books!

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My STS post!

  6. Thanks, I'll get to it in due time ;)

  7. I'm not so sure why but the word zombie just turns me off a book. The cover is so beautiful! Thanks :)

  8. Good, I'm not alone then ;) It feels like everybody's already read and loved it and I'm scared that I won't! Thanks :)

  9. oh I hope you enjoy Delirium! I really liked it! It's a little slow but it's worth reading until the end!
    Giselle @ Book Nerd Canada
    Stacking the Shelves - Book Nerd Mail #53

  10. I like Delirium and I read Pandemonium and enjoyed it too and I have Requiem and intend to finsih the series. I don't know your tastes, but I think you may like it. I like it better than most dystopian YAs.

  11. It is exhausting, but it is so good and so worth it! Good, all these comments and I'm not so scared anymore :)

  12. I've had the first two Delirium books sitting on my shelf for so long now, still haven't got to them either - have heard great things though. I work in a library so my house is covered with library books, I honestly can't stop myself. I hope you enjoy all your reads! My STS.

  13. Thanks, I'll try o hang on ;)

  14. I love dystopians so that sounds like a good praise :)

  15. I have to return The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Gailbraith (aka J.K Rowling) tomorrow and I've only read half! Thanks :)

  16. Awesome haul, I really hope you will enjoy these!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend :)
    Check out my haul here!

  17. Thanks and thanks for stopping by :)

  18. I really like the cover of The World Without a Future. As for Delirium... I need to read it! I have books two and three, but not book one. Ah well. Happy reading! My STS

  19. It's gorgeous! I can't do that, I can't get sequels in a series without having read the previous ones, or at least owning them. Thanks :)


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