Teaser Thursday #6: December

Teaser Thursday 4

It's time for Teaser Thursday! This is an original feature that showcases the books being released in the coming month with a teaser or two. It's time to get excited! 

It's almost December, and a bunch of awesome book goes live during those 31 winter days. Here are some teaser from the books on my TBR that gets published in December. Because these are actual excerpts from the books:


I am a HUGE Tijan fan and I jumping up and down with excitement for her new release Fallen Crest Public, which is the third book in the Fallen Crest series. Since I couldn't choose just one out of many good ones here's two to get you as excited as me.

Teaser one:
Mason’s head lifted back up and he grinned, his eyes darkening as he tugged me close. “Coach Grath is lucky to have you. He knows that. And he knows you’re dedicated to running. He won’t be that pissed. Wasn’t he supposed to email you the location, anyway?”
“Oh yeah.” But then I stopped thinking about that as he bent closer to me. Closing my eyes, I felt his lips softly touch mine. The tingle spread again. One damn touch and the lust for him sparked again. I became heated as he deepened the kiss, and I burrowed closer to him.
Jerking back, I twisted and glared at Logan, who still had his hand on the horn. He flashed me a grin, but hollered out the window, “Let’s go! You two can screw later.”
“Idiot,” Mason muttered under his breath.
“He’s right. Go see Nate, see what’s going on. I’ll see you at school.”
He nodded, but flicked off his brother. Logan’s laugh was clearly heard and I gave him a quick wave as I got into the yellow Escalade.

Teaser two:
It didn’t feel right. None of it did, but I let my forehead drop against his chest. His hand swept up and brushed some of my hair back. I closed my eyes, savoring that little tender touch from him. The slightest touch from him sent me buzzing. I let myself breathe him in, filling my lungs, as I remained in his arms. But then I moved back. Mason gave me a reassuring smile, but it didn’t reach his eyes.
I spoke before I thought about it. “So that’s what it looks like?”
“Like what?” He grew guarded.
“A lie. That’s what it looks like from you.” And then, even though I loved him so much, I turned and walked away. Mason lied to me. I knew it. He knew it. It was now the fourth between us. We were headed down a bad path and I had no idea how to stop it.

Next up is Elect by Rachel Van Dyken. I've already read this one (mohaha) and it's so, sooo good! Here's two short teasers.

Teaser one:
We all touched cigars. None of us actually smoked them, instead we went over to the tree and placed them inside the trunk where we’d hid stuff as kids. We’d always sworn we’d be the cool mafia guys that would go outside and smoke and drink whiskey.
But times had been tough on all of us.
And the last thing any of us wanted to be—was like our fathers.
So we buried them in memory of what we’d never become, of what we’d die to protect.

Teaser two:
I wanted to take it all away.
I wanted to take her away.
If I could go back to that first day—if I had been offered the choice to do something other than scare her off. I would have taken it. But it seemed my entire existence was formed around one word.
He saw her first.
He wanted her first.
Which made me last, because when you aren’t first, you’re last. I wasn’t second. I was nothing. To her I was a friend, a protector. Someone who made the nightmares go away. I was her own personal bed time story. It was harder than hell to pretend that I was just her friend, when I lived for her smiles, her teasing...I lived for her breathing.

This is it for this time, there are a a lot more releases but apparently their authors don't publish teasers so there were none for me to share. Have your own Teaser Thursday post? Share the link in the comments and I'll check it out!


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