Quickreviews #1

Just because I stopped blogging doesn't mean I stopped reading, not entirely anyway. But since I have the memory of a goldfish and can remember names or authors or plots for mere minutes I can't review any of the books I didn't immediately write a review for. Honestly, I just finished a book a couple of hours ago, went to write the review and couldn't remember the main characters name, and that was a book I liked. Oops.

But since I still read them and would like to share something about them I thought I'd at least give you a sentence and my GoodReads rating, I always rate the second I finish a book so they're there even if the reviews aren't.

So I'm introducing QuickReviews, for any book I didn't immediately review, can't write a review for or for any other reason have no more than a sentence to say about it. 

Trust Me
by R.S. Burnett
Finding My Way #1
Published by R.S. Burnett
 I read Trust Me way back in January and don't remember much, but I do know that I really enjoyed it!

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Bet Me
by R.S. Burnett
Finding My Way #2
Published by R.S. Burnett
 I do know that I like this one as much, if not more, than the firs book. Definitely a series I recommend!

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More Than Her
by Jay McLean
More Than #2
Published by Jay McLean
 I absolutely love this series and Jay is awesome and I'm so embarrassed I didn't devour the third as soon as it hit the shelves!

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The Change
by Angela White
The Bachelor Battles #1
Published by Cloud 9 Publications
 I do love myself a fierce and badass heroine. And if anyone's badass it's Candice!

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The World Without a Future
by Nazarea Andrews
Not sure it it's a series but if it is it's #1
Published by A&A Literary
My first zombie book! It was fantastic and I sincerely hope there'll be a second book because I'm so not done with this world. And the end so wasn't finished, books shouldn't be allowed to end that way!

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