Quickreviews #2

I introduced QuickReviews for any book I didn't immediately review (because I have the memory of a goldfish), emotionally can't write a review for or for any other reason have no more than a sentence or two to say about it.

Truths and Dares
by Amity Hope
Truths and Dares #1
Published by Amity Hope
Yeah, I'm coming up blank. Apparently I can't remember a thing about Truths and Dares but I gave it three stars so it has to be at least a little bit good!

Fighting for Flight
by J.B. Salsbury
Fighting #1
Published by J.B. Salsbury
 I love this one! And everything I've read by .B. Salsbury since. This series about professional fighters is to die for!

Fighting to Forgive
by J.B. Salsbury
Fighting #2
Published by J.B. Salsbury
I actually read this one, book #2, first and it's still my favorite of the bunch. But they're all five star reads!

Rook and Ronin Book #1-3
by J.A. Huss
Rook and Ronin #1-3
Published by Science Future Press
The Rook and Ronin series is dark and grueling, true to J.A. Huss. It's not sweet and it's not and easy read but it is so worth the pain!

Latvala Royals Book # 1-4
by Danielle Bourdon
Latvala Royals #1-4
Published by Wildbloom Press
This is your modern fairytail of a normal girl falling for royalty with a mother-in-law going rampage. Dreamy!


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