Top ten Tuesday #24: Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly Top Ten list hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top ten authors I really want to meet. Well, there's a few that's obvious but I'm probably not going to make it to ten unless I force it. And then they'll be authors I don't really want to meet and who'll be on the list just to make ten and that's not fair either. But here goes:

Rachel van Dyken - She's amazingly sweet and fun, definitely one of my top three authors and one of few on my auto-buy list. She's utterly gorgeous, even now (even though she'd never admit it) with the hectic post-baby life.

Penny Reid - This woman writes hilarious books that never fail to surprise and amaze me. I'd love to see what goes on inside her head when she writes and meeting her would be soooo much fun!

Molly McAdams - She's also super sweet and hilarious and I'd love to meet her!

Tijan - Outside books she also sound amazingly awesome but in books, that's some dark and tough stuff. I'd love to meet her and see who she is, and ask where the hell she get's that kind of inspiration. Because I couldn't imagine half the stuff in her books even if I tried!

R.S. Grey - This is the first author who ever approach me about reading her ARC. It was for her first novel and I absolutely loved it! When she published her second novel I got an ARC of that one two, aldo fantastic! And while I might have said sweet umpteen times, Rachel is sweet as sugar!

Who are you dying to meet and why them?
Tell me or leave your link in the comments and I'll check it out!


  1. Interesting. I haven't heard of any of these authors, but I certainly hope you get to meet them one day!

    Here's mine: Top Ten Authors I Have Met.


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