Quickreviews #3

I introduced QuickReviews for any book I didn't immediately review (because I have the memory of a goldfish), emotionally can't write a review for or for any other reason have no more than a sentence or two to say about it.

by Tracy Wolff
Extreme Risk #1
Published by Flirt
It includes snowboarders and a scorching hot male, what could possibly go wrong?

Pretty Little Things
by Teresa Mummert
Stand Alone
Published by Teresa Mummert
This left no apparent memory since I can't remember a thing, could be because I only sorta tolerated it. Others seem to like it though!

White Hot Kiss
by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Dark Elements #1
Published by Harlequin Teen
JLA never disappoints. God, I love her female leads, they're witty, and funny and too stubborn for their own good. And I love it!

by Rachel Van Dyken
Eagle Elite #3
Published by Rachel Van Dyken
Rachel is one of only four authors on my auto-buy list, you know those authors who's book we buy before finding out what they're about because it has their name on it. Rachel was my first, basically because of the Eagle Elite series.

A Blue Tale
by Sarah Dosher
Stand Alone
Published by Sarah Dosher
I've got a huge soft spot for muscisians, and Deacon wasn't an excepting judging by the four star rating. 


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