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And now we're moving! Again....

When I first stared blogging I started on Blogger, and after touring both Hemsida24 and Wordpress I'm back! Mostly because you apparently aren't allowed to participated in book tours or any promos what so ever on Wordpress if it isn't self-hosted. Since this is very vaguely written in their Terms of Service in a way so that this would not be how I interpret it and because I have been participating in book tours the whole Wordpress blog has been suspended. So I moved it to Blogger! Hopefully we'll be able to stay here.

Since Wordpress and Blogger format their posts in different ways and have different layout of the posts most of the old posts that were imported from WP looks all scrambled, there are pictures that isn't there all a whole lot of other issues. But there is no way I'm going back to re-layout 140 posts, so since the text is all there it'll gonna have to do as it is.

I just hope that you'll bear with me on this move and to begin with messy lay…