About Me

I'm a twentysomething college student with the desire to see the world but currently being held captive by the great city of Lund, Sweden. I am usually found with my head in a book, if not a fiction it's most likely something toward my B.Sc in Biomedical Sciences. Curing all the illnesses of the world and all that.

When I'm not reading, I like to consider myself a skilled procrastinator; I usually finish pretty much everything at the last minute, a semi-skilled chef; I have friends who invite me for no other reason than for me to cook for them, a pastry chef; never have anyone turned down one of my cakes, a skier; sailing through fresh powder has to be one of the best things in life, a nightclubber; rarely do I turn down a chance to go out, a blackjack croupier; working is fun, fun, fun, and at last, an amateur photographer; please see attached evidence:

I also have an undying, somewhat unhealthy, love for books. Preferably the really long ones. Whenever I read a well written book that let's me connect with the characters I can I cry my eyes out, laugh out loud, jump up and down out of giddiness and get so angry I wanna squish something, all in the same paragraph. I act the same whenever I watch a movie and nowadays I watch movies alone, not by choice I might add.

I am a complete sucker for happy endings and have been known for throwing books across the room because he/she ended up with the wrong girl/guy, it ended in heartbreak or just didn't end at all. I really, really loath way too open endings. Finish the book or gimme a sequel!

If you have any further questions about who I am, what I do or what kind of weird website you ended up on, feel free to contact me. Wish you the best!

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