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To my awesome blog readers, you'll find my rating system and more below all this business stuff.


I happily accept ARCs and review copies of books in my preferred genres which are: pretty much all subgenres of YA and NA including, but not limited to, contemporary, dystopian and paranormal. While most books I read are romances I will seriously consider everything else requested in the YA/NA genre. I will not accept any kind of compensation for reading and reviewing an ARC/review copy.

I will generally not accept ARCs/review copies classed as Erotica. I am not a prude in any way and have enjoyed several books in the erotica genre, but the book has to have a substantial story. There is an important difference to be noted between a story containing graphic sex and graphic sex containing a story.  I don't have an issue with the former but instead with the latter.

While I really do prefer printed copies I understand that shipping to Sweden might be expensive. I am able to accept eBooks too, preferably .mobi but .epub or PDF's work as well. I do not publish my mailing address online but you're welcome to send me an email and I'll happily supply you my mailing information for shipping.

I will review your book in a timely manner, at most two months after receiving it. If you have requests for a specific time frame in which you want the review published, send me an email and I'm sure we can work it out.

While reading your book I will give it my full attention, I rarely read more than one book at a time. I will give it an fair and honest review and thus reviews may contain negative comments. If I for some reason didn't like the book I will say why and back up my opinion with valid reasoning.

I rarely DNF, but it does happen, in which case I will not publish a review and will notify the author/publisher.

All my reviews will include the book's link to GoodReads and post them on GR, Amazon, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble. The reviews will also include the name of the author and a link to said author's website and/or blog, the name of the publisher, the book cover and a rating varying between 1 and 5 stars.

Once a review has been published you have my permission to use anything I've said in promotional material, as long as quotes are attributed to me.

Promotional posts
I am more than happy to host giveaways, guest posts, interviews and participate in book tours. I would prefer to read the author's book prior to an interview and/or guest post.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, feel free to ask. You'll find all my contact information here.


I will review the books I read, it will include but not be limited to new releases. I might pick up a book written in the 80's, or I might just decide on a 18th century book.

I will really try not to include spoilers in my reviews, because I hate them myself. I will not bash books but I will give you my honest opinion and rather add constructive feedback for books I didn't like. Just know that my reviews has nothing to do with the author as a person, or possibly even professionally; I might not like one book only to fall madly in love with the next one.

I read all subgenres of NA romance (contemporary, dystopian etc.) as well as paranormal romances and YA romances, though other genres and even some classics have been known to weasel their way in to my bookshelf, the ones listed are generally the genres I will review. If I find a blurb interesting or had a book recommended by a friend, outside of these genres, I am all for broadening my horizons.

I might point out a lot of issues but all in all really like the book (as I did with Leaving Green Island) and give it a high rating or I might say mostly good things in my review and still give a lower rating. My review will be as critical of both good and bad things as I can manage and while the ratings are strongly based on that review, they reflect more of the actual feelings and what my heart thinks of the book and less of what my brain thinks.

This was not a book for me and I probably had very hard to finish it. It could be because of the grammar and spelling mistakes or it could be because of juvenile, immature and/or unrealistic reactions and actions or it just didn't hold my attention.

It was an okay book but probably somewhat of a struggle to finish. Probably because of a lack of connection with the characters or because I just wasn't feeling it.

This is a good book and I would probably read the sequel, if there were one. This would be you average book, a good one but nothing spectacular to have me squealing about.

This is a really great book and I strongly recommend it. It has everything you could ask for in a book really, but lack that extra oomph to give it a five.

I loved it. I mean, I really LOVED it! This is a must read and you better pick it up from the store today.

I hope this system makes sense to you and that it helps you appreciate my reviews.

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