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Title: Blood Myth
Author: Stacy A. Moran
Series: The Myth Series
Publisher: The Art of Safkhet
Release Date: March 31st, 2013
Tour Host: The Art of Safkhet

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Zakah Sange was born into a world of dark magick, always living in the shadows of his father, the Raka King. He was dangerously sexy and enigmatic; he used power and control to shape himself into a hard and cunning man. Zakah became a warrior, a weapon and the master of his own violence lurking within. 

Sorina Ruzicka was the great granddaughter of the evil god Akhekh. She was born into a legacy of magickal gifts that she wanted no part of. After years touring as a blues singer she returned home where she only wanted the seclusion of the mountains. A chance meeting with the mysterious club owner forced Sorina into the battle of her life.

Can a willful witch, accept the controlling nature of a demon who demands submission? Trusts will be tested, lines will be crossed and a fate neither of them expected will be played out.

It sounds good, doesn't it? Here's an except to hook you even more. Continue reading for an interview with the lovely Stacy.

Outside her cottage, the wind rose and whirled fiendishly. Rain pelted at her windows. Sorina wrapped her arms around her up drawn knees, resting her head on them. She felt his emotions. She sensed his need and what he wanted her to understand, but she didn’t understand.

“Sorina.” Zakah made sure his voice was warm, sensual, caressing, velvety, and soothing. “Don’t try to understand, my little rabbit.” He could feel her anguish even though she tried to hide it with her stubborn chin and defiant eyes.

A shadow flickered from a candle. Her eyes followed the shadow. She gasped up at his tall, dark, well-muscled frame which appeared out of nowhere. Sorina stammered, looking up at him towering over her. “What are you doing here?”

She looked like a scared rabbit. He never felt regret or pity, but to know he was the cause of her fear broke his heart. Zakah couldn’t stop himself; he did something he had never done in all his long years. He wanted to give comfort, take away her fears. Zakah gathered her into his arms, imprisoning her against his hard chest. “Breathe, Sorina. It will help.”

She pushed against the wall of his chest. “Let go of me. I am not a child who needs to be cradled or spanked.” She emphasized the last word.

Zakah ignored her struggle to pull away from him. He held her close to his chest, his hand stroking over her back slowly. He buried her face in the wealth of her luxurious hair, breathing in the sweet scent of citrus.

Sorina found the strength to pull back from his embrace. “I saw you. I felt you when you were using that rod on that woman. You were imagining she was me.”  Her breath caught in her throat when he threaded his fingers through her hair. Zakah gripped her scalp in his strong hands, yanking her head back and the look in his eyes seared her to the bones.

He lowered his head, his mouth inches from her plump lips, so that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her skin. “Yes, I did imagine she was you. I wanted her to be you. I needed her to be you.”

Sorina was silent. She started to tremble in his arms. He knew his words were beginning to sink in. Zakah took in the sad shadows and fear lingering in her large, golden green eyes.

Her heart was pounding. “I want you to leave.” She pushed at the wall of his chest.

He merely tightened his hold on her. Zakah could not hide the bit of enjoyment he was getting from her struggle. “You do not want me to go, Sorina.”

“Yes, I want you to go, Zakah.”  His smug look of amusement infuriated her, making her work to keep her voice under control.

“You are safe with me, Sorina. I would not allow anyone or anything to harm you.”

She swallowed nervously, whispering defiantly, “Just you.”

I am so excited having Stacy join us for an interview today!

Hi Stacy and welcome to Deb's Crazy Obsession. This tour is featuring your book, Blood Myth.
Can you describe it in five words for us?

Erotic Mix of intrigue & myths.
Ok so that's six but five is hard.

Where did you get the idea for Blood Myth?

My love of paranormal and mythology guides the series. Sorina and Zakah are parts of people dear to me, so that inspired me as well.

What is the hardest part about writing?

Continuity. Making sure all my facts match my previous time lines. I spend so much time going back and changing dates. I have great BETA readers that help with my consistency.

Where is your favourite place to write?

I love writing in my library, cuddles up in my overstuffed chair.

Is there anything you need to have when you write?

Quiet, a candle, my favorite blanket, and a cherry coke.

What can someone learn about you by looking at your bookshelf?

I love Anne Rice and poetry. My bookshelves are filled with a wide variety of books but those two are my most obvious favorites.

How would you describe a perfect day?

A crisp fall day in the mountains with my chai tea and a great book.

Five fast ones:
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Early bird or Night owl?
Call or Text?
Saver or Spender?
Personal chef or Personal fitness trainer?
Roller coaster or Ferris wheel?Konstgjort Break

Stacy (SAM) was born in West Virginia but now finds herself living in Texas. She has loved writing since the first grade when she completed her first book, The Land without Rules. Her mother will tell you it was a brilliant book.

Throughout her school years she was in journalism and has been an avid reader of all literature. She has always craved the feeling of discovering an author's world for the first time. Now she devotes her time to creating her own worlds. Stacy focuses mainly on paranormal romance and poetry. She loves creating dominant male characters and headstrong females for her books.

Stacy now finds herself on a new journey and finally has taken the leap to go after her dreams. She recently finished a poetry book, Whispers in the Dark with two fellow authors and finished her first novel Blood Myth in her Myth Series.

Connect with Stacy through Goodreads or by any method below!

Facebook: Stacy A. Moran - Author
Twitter: @StacyAMoran


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